Protect your home and important possessions

– Debbie Smart (Director, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers)

Protecting Your Home From the Outside

Walk around the exterior of your home and look out for any security weaknesses. The best way to protect your home from the outside is to survey it with the eyes of a burglar. Check for any vulnerable spots taking note of what furniture and valuables are visible through windows and make any security improvements where you can. Eliminate any likely hiding spots, like shrubbery around the entrances and keep any walkways trimmed back.

Store expensive items like braai’s, pedal cycles and outdoor valuables in the garage. Install motion sensors around your home, especially at entrances. Add extra lighting with motion detectors at your entrances, and especially in dark corners. Shining a spotlight on the potential intruder, before he can even gain entry to your property, is definitely a deterrent.

Get to know your neighbors. Belong to your local neighborhood watch – crime tends to be lower in tight-knit communities. Your local neighborhood watch can be one of your best assets in home crime prevention because they offer extra eyes and can respond quickly in the event of a break in or alert you of suspicious activity.

Keep fences, gates and garage doors locked.

Protecting Your Home From the Inside

Keep all doors and windows closed and locked at all times. An open window or door is a clear invitation for burglars to easily enter your home. Thieves know how to spot weak locks that would easily be forced open, so it is necessary to update your locks from time to time. Sliding doors should have vertical bolts and a metal or wooden rod in the track to prevent these being forced open or doors being lifted off the track.

Consider buying a home security system. There are many valuable features with any burglar alarm system, such as outdoor motion sensors, which should be set at exterior doors and windows. Alarms now also come with an armed response feature which gives you the peace of mind that your property is well secured.

At Cornerstone Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients have adequate Home and Contents cover, as well as making sure that all specified items that they carry away from their homes are adequately covered.

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