The Importance of Buying Travel Insurance

– Debbie Smart (Director, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers)

Many of us think of Travel Insurance as an additional expense, but often that’s because we don’t understand the importance of it and we also aren’t fully aware of the benefits. Many travelers also often ask the following questions: Why buy travel insurance? Do I need it? What does it cover? Is it worth the expense?

Buying Travel Insurance means you are covering yourself should an unfortunate event or circumstance happen such as losing your luggage, injuring yourself in a foreign county or missing a connecting flight. These events are almost always unexpected, and we often think that they will never happen to us. However, it is important to always be prepared and plan for them in case they do.

With the festive season around the corner and many people booking their holidays either locally or abroad, it’s important to consider Travel Insurance options that will give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your time out.

Look for a Travel Insurance plan that will cover you should any of the following unexpected events happen:

1. Trip cancellation
2. Missed flights or connecting flights
3. Cancelled flights
4. Weather and natural disasters
5. An illness or injury
6. Lost, stolen or delayed baggage
7. Lost or stolen passport
8. Emergency medical evacuation
9. Company financial default or bankruptcy

The thought of any of the above events happening to us is not a pleasant one, but it is possible. It is, therefore, an important and recommended decision to make when booking your holiday.

At Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, we are licensed professionals with access to all leading insurers, and because we’re independent we can shop to find the right Travel Insurance cover at the best rate. Contact us and we’ll assist you with a quote.

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