Mothers, listen up! These short term insurance add-ons will change your life

– Debbie Smart (Director, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers)

Mothers, listen up! These short term insurance add-ons will change your life

Are insurance add-ons really worth it? In most cases we would advise that they are, however it always depends on your own personal circumstances. Always do your research properly before deciding and remember to avoid taking out duplicate services.

With May celebrating mothers, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers are focusing their efforts on looking at which short term insurance add-ons will benefit mothers the most. Whether you are a new mom, an experienced mom with teenagers or a mother-to-be, we are certain that these short-term add-ons will definitely come in handy

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Roadside assistance

Whether it’s a flat tyre, an overheated carburettor or simply a broken-down engine, you never know when your vehicle may decide to let you down. More importantly, you never know where you might be when it happens. We live in a gigantic country and many places are still very remote and sparsely populated.

You might be in the middle of the Kruger National Park or among the sands of Namibia when you need help with your vehicle– what will you do when there isn’t a petrol garage within walking distance? This is where roadside assistance becomes extremely valuable.

Mostly, a roadside assistance insurance add-on will be included on your policy by default, however if it isn’t, be sure to ask for it. Depending on the provider, road side assistance benefits can include:

  • 24-hour assistance for mechanical breakdowns, flat tyres etc. regardless of your location.
  • Locksmith services for cases where you have locked your keys or other valuables in your car and you cannot get in.
  • Replacement batteries or emergency fuel when you need it, however you may be billed separately for any hardware or fuel.
  • Towing services if your car is damaged or unable to function for any reason.

Tyre protect

Contrary to popular belief, your vehicle’s tyres are not generally included in your car insurance policy. This means, if you drive through nail or broken glass and need to replace or repair your tyres, your insurer might not pay out your claim.

Luckily, you can take out tyre protect. This add-on to your insurance policy will ensure that your tyres are protected from any damage, regardless of the impact on the rest of your vehicle. In an earlier post we explored the many benefits of having tyre protect, read all about it here.

Car rental

In the unfortunate event of a collision, your car will most likely be sent for repairs. Depending on the nature of the damage to your vehicle, the repairs can take up to 3 months to complete. Living without a car can be very difficult, especially if you are not geared for it. Getting to work, attending meetings, driving the kids around – all of it can be nightmarish without wheels.

To help you out during these times, consider adding a car rental service to your short-term insurance policy. This benefit will kick in once you submit a claim and will give you the mobility you need to go about your daily business. In most cases, the car hire service will be available for 30 days after you have claimed, however, some insurers will allow you to extend this benefit to 60 days.

Vehicle contents

Do you have valuable things with you when you drive? Most of us do, and it can usually be found near the passenger seat of our cars, right? Add children to the mix and most mothers drive around with thousands of rands worth of valuables everyday.

Tablets, phones, sports gear and even something like the contents of a baby bag can cost a fortune. With alarming crime rates in South Africa, being victim of a smash and grab or attempted car theft is not uncommon.

What people often forget is that any contents that do not form part of their vehicle will not be covered under their car insurance policy. This means, that if your handbag is stolen from your car or your laptop is damaged during a collision, your car insurance policy will not cover those damages, although it was in the car during each incident.

To ensure that you are protected and covered adequately, you must take out a separate householder’s and all risk insurance policy. Although this is strictly speaking not a car insurance add on, it is still an integral part of your total insurance package. With this cover in place, you will be able to repair or replace those valuable belongings that accompany you in your car during the day.

The world of short term insurance can be very daunting and confusing, especially when it comes to adding on various benefits to your current policy. To make sure that you get the best cover at the best possible price, contact Cornerstone Insurance Brokers today for expert assistance and specialised advice. Also, remember to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for even more interesting and useful content.

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