A holistic approach to your finances considers the big…
and the small things in life

The principle of “wellness” has come to define many things. From physical health to emotional wellbeing, spiritual gratification to social stability, and of these, financial wellness ranks as one of the most important for many people.

Achieving financial wellness is richly rewarding, granting us the security and comfort to fulfil the other wellness needs in our lives. But pursuing financial wellness requires guidance and a steady hand to direct and inform your financial choices and goals. And the same goes for your employees.

Our personalised financial wellness training programs and consultations are geared towards assisting the individuals in your business with developing their financial literacy and money management skills. This paves the path to comprehensive financial wellness, allowing you to build a productive workplace by nurturing stability and personal wealth in the lives of your team.

Here’s an example:

Why we do what we do

We believe that more communities would flourish and families would be happier if more people had the insight to make cornerstone financial decisions at the right time in their lives, and in their businesses. Good financial planning creates the resilience to push on, despite life’s little surprises.

Since Cornerstone was founded in 2003, we’ve worked hard to create a culture of collaboration and unbiased care of our clients to foster sincere relationships, every step of the way.

Cornerstone’s purpose is to spread
more financial wellness to more people.

And our purpose is rooted in 3 core beliefs

  • Every individual’s view of success, or “big picture” in life looks different.
  • Financial wellness unlocks life experiences and long-term wealth, far beyond simple financial security.
  • The health of our finances impacts every area of our lives (and in turn, those around us).
How we are different

We understand that everyone is different; that everyone has their own story to tell. We see people as individual opportunities, with unique needs and exclusive characteristics. We don’t lump people together and categorise your needs. We don’t standardise our approach.

Trust us to take care of all the different financial foundational blocks you need to live life to the fullest.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU is to invest in building a lifelong relationship that fosters success and benefits every part of your life, in both the personal and business spheres. All in one place.



You can always expect friendly financial advice tailored to your particular lifestyle