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Still haven’t submitted your tax returns? Here are some reasons to hurry up.

Tax returns season is closing very soon and although many South Africans have done their civil duty of submitting their tax returns, there are countless others who haven’t. If you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are among those who still needs to submit your tax returns and might need a little push to get it done.

Monthly Market Update

September was another eventful month for South African economics. The SARB kept interest rates unchanged at 6.5% which was in line with market expectations and the August inflation figures 4.9% announced in September surprised the markets on the downside.

How do you keep up when healthcare is becoming more and more expensive every year? Medical GAP cover can be the answer you’re looking for.

GAP cover has been around for quite some time but is has never been more relevant than now. This product has been designed to cover the gap between medical aid rates and what the specialists charge, this applies to unforeseen costs and deductibles not covered by the medical schemes for in-hospital treatment for example when a specialist in-hospital charges private rates, you might have a shortfall on the account.

Every hour, 5 people in SA suffer a heart attack – what if you’re next?

As uncomfortable as it is to talk about, severe illness and death is an unfortunate part of everyone’s life. When we hear the words “severe illness”, our minds often go directly to cancer or HIV, because it is probably two of the most devastating illnesses around, but what about other, equally devastating illness like heart disease?

Help! My tree fell on my neighbour’s house, will my insurance policy pay out?

Spring and gardening go hand in hand and for many, September means bringing out that infamous home owner’s to do list that you’ve been meaning to get to since last year. Removing weeds, replacing seedlings, refreshing flowers and taming overgrown trees might resemble some of the items on your list, but what happens when Spring gardening goes wrong?

Spring clean your finances this September

Spring is finally here and for many, it’s synonymous with new beginnings, fresh challenges and positive changes. In the spirit of Spring, we have compiled some great ways to spring clean your finances for a happy and financially free you.

Monthly Market Update – August 2018

The markets in August 2018 were dominated by news of Rand weakness which plumbed fresh two-year lows, caught up in emerging markets storms and the recent announcement of a domestic economic technical recession.
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