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Women outlive men by nearly a decade – will your wealth last?

As a species, our life expectancy has increased exponentially over the last century alone. In 1900 the global average life expectancy was 31, in 1950 it increased to 48 and by 2014 it was 71. We keep getting older and older, and each generation is expected to live about a decade longer that their predecessors – in particular the female population, whose longevity is reigning supreme.

Monthly Market Update – July 2018

Markets in July 2018 were mainly dominated by the U.S economic growth data which accelerated by an impressive 4.1% q/q in Q2 2018. The improved growth being boosted by consumer spending, solid business investment and net exports.

If you don’t have a beneficiary nomination form in place – listen up!

The main reason most people take out death benefits is to ensure that their loved ones will be taken care of if they are no longer able to. To make sure that your death benefits do exactly that, you must nominate one or more beneficiaries to receive your death benefits, but unfortunately many people neglect to do so.

4 short term insurance add-ons all women should consider

Are insurance add-ons really worth it? In most cases we would advise that they are, however it always depends on your own personal circumstances. Always do your research properly before deciding and remember to avoid taking out duplicate services.

The top 5 preventative screenings all women should undergo

Prevention is better than cure is probably one of the best-known phrases in the English language and with recent advances in healthcare confirming the importance of prevention, it’s no wonder it’s been around for so long – it’s safe to say preventative screenings are vital in the detection and successful treatment of many illnesses.

Your 2018 tax return checklist

Contrary to popular belief, tax returns don’t have to be as complicated and stressful as many perceive it to be. However, with tax return season officially open, the thought of submitting a tax return might make you feel worried, anxious and unsure of what paperwork you need in order to submit your tax return properly. If this sounds familiar, this article is for you.

Monthly Market Update – June 2018

The South Africa economy continued to struggle in the second quarter despite the more positive political environment. The weakening rand, high oil prices and the increase in the value-added tax (VAT) rate in April put pressure on consumers,

Severe illness cover – 6 questions answered

What is severe illness or critical illness cover? Severe illness cover is a policy benefit that offers protection against illnesses. With a severe illness policy in place, you will receive a tax-free lump sum benefit to aid in payment of additional expenses due to lifestyle changes,
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