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Our life-time financial plans include a comprehensive estate plan. Our comprehensive estate plans consider our clients estate duty calculations, late estate liquidity analysis, and cash flow provisioning for heirs. With this knowledge, and in collaboration with our clients, informed discussions pertaining to the distribution of their assets result in the re-evaluation of their wills, trusts and additional supporting legal documentation.

This professional “preparation for the inevitable” means that our late estate administration and executor-ship services are timeous and ensure the efficient transfer of our client’s legacies to their heirs. 



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    Financial Planning

    As a fully independent and professional practice, we build trusted life-long financial planning relationships with our clients to ensure they reach their financial goals. Our collective expertise, together with each of our client’s unique goals, needs and personal circumstances, results in bespoke financial plans. Our mandate is to provide a life-long co-administrative and advisory service to assist our clients in achieving their financial plans


    Our financial planning process, for both your personal and business worlds, develops a strategic action plan that we implement together, reviewing and revising regularly to ensure that your personal and business goals become reality. Our range of services include:

    Personal Financial Planning
    - Estate planning
    - Wills writing, trusts, etc
    - Late estate administration services
    - Risk planning
    - Retirement planning
    - Education planning
    - Budgeting and debt management

    Business Financial Planning
    - Succession planning
    - Partnership assurance
    - Keyman assurance
    - Business overheads replacement
    - Contingent liability planning
    - Financial wellness planning for employee’s

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