Your investment advisory journey with us begins with extensive due diligence of your current investment portfolio, developing an understanding of your investment goals and then constructing the kind of investment portfolio that suits your investor personality. Your journey starts with a vigorous consultation with one of our skilled wealth advisers to better understand your financial and personal circumstances. This is the first step towards building a longstanding, collaborative and well-informed investor relationship.

Managing, protecting and growing your wealth requires a well-developed and proven wealth management process that integrates with your holistic financial planning. Put yourself in the best position to achieve your short-, medium- and long-term investment goals.

Investment Advisory

From equities, property, bonds, offshore asset allocation to unit trusts, ETF’s, TFSA’s, retirement planning, global investment structuring, choosing the right investment option can be a tricky task. At Cornerstone, we know precisely how to put your money to work for you, finding the perfect investment opportunities that minimise risk while delivering maximum returns.

Don’t let your money waste away in low-yield savings accounts. Let us help you pick out exciting investment opportunities that are ideally suited to your risk profile while managing expectations to deliver the rewards you truly deserve.

Local Investment Planning
Offshore Investment Planning
How do we go about our wealth planning process?

Wealth Management Process

Needs and goals

Developing a clear vision of your goals and needs is vital to the long-term success of your investments. Through continuous consultation and backed by the unfailing support of sophisticated tools and investment partnerships, we will endeavour to make sure that we fully understand your investment goals and objectives.

Estate Planning Considerations

Understanding how your wealth affects your estate planning is critical. The global and local tax and fiduciary environments are complex. Your wealth management strategies – both globally and locally – need to integrate into your estate planning, reflecting the nature and scope of your overall estate considerations in the long and short terms.

Tax Planning

Paying needless tax is counterproductive to your portfolio’s growth and wealth accumulation. Ensuring that we invest, allocate and distribute your funds in the most tax-efficient manner forms the basis of one of our principal tax planning considerations.

What are the building blocks of your investor’s portfolio?

An investment portfolio that is constructed to meet your financial requirements typically involves various service providers that contribute to the management and ultimate cost of the portfolio.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that your investment objectives are met most effectively. This involves a deep understanding of the regulatory environment, tax laws, product information, investment principles and other market developments to create an investment portfolio based on your specific requirements.

This naturally requires that we gain a deep understanding of you, your specific goals and objectives and your current assets, liabilities and required cash flows. To implement your investment portfolio, we will select other appropriate role players (discussed below) and ensure they effectively fulfil their duties.

The Result?

By blending specialist managers within specific asset classes and having our DFM managing your overall asset allocation, we’re able to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes with having bespoke professional resources applying their skills to your portfolio. The outsourcing of certain functions allows us, your specialist investment advisor, to focus on investment advice and to work to achieve your goals and objectives. This ultimately ensures that the expertise and skills of each contributor are being deployed in the most efficient manner possible.






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