In addition to managing and growing your wealth, we will also ensure that the assets under our management are invested in such a way that it keeps performing optimally, achieving maximum growth with minimum risk. 

Specialising in the development and management of multi-asset portfolio’s utilising a blend of active, passive and structured funds. Continuous portfolio monitoring, asset allocation optimisation and well-diversified fund manager blending/weighting, allows us to strive to achieve each model and bespoke portfolio’s investment mandate.

With in-depth understanding of local and global market movements, economic and political developments, model and bespoke portfolio performances, we are continually adjusting our investment strategies to ensure we deliver on our clients mandated risk-return portfolio performance requirements. 



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    With extensive consultation with you, our highly skilled team will strive to build a long-term relationship with you to fully understand your investment goals and parameters.

    This helps us to build a customised investment solution to meet your needs and help you to achieve your financial goals. Our strategic approach to managing your hard-earned wealth aims to give you peace of mind and a better understanding of the complex world of wealth management. 


    Our bespoke service offerings, exclusively built for for high net worth individuals, families, trusts and businesses include:

    Domestic Investment planning
    - Living Annuities (structured products, model and 
      bespoke portfolios, share portfolios)
    - Retirement Funds (investment linked)
    - Preservation Funds (investment linked, pension and
    - Voluntary Funds (investment linked, structured products,
      model and bespoke portfolios, share portfolios)
    - Cash management solutions

    International Investment planning
    - Applying for foreign exchange clearances with SARS
      and Reserve Bank
    - Investment and management of cleared funds in various
    - Offshore Structuring
    - Comprehensive local and offshore investment advice.

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